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If you are looking for premium pressure instrument or if you need cost-effective pressure measurement solutions, ZHYQ is the one you can rely on. We are a specialized pressure sensor manufacturer in China. On our product catalog, you will find the pressure transducer, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, pressure indicator, and level transmitter. Each of these products is available in a wide range of specifications, so as to meet various application requirements. For example, we offer superior pressure transmitters for hazardous areas, for automotive applications, and for construction machinery. Custom pressure sensors are also available. If you are interested in our pressure instruments, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.

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    1. Flexible High Precision Melt Pressure Transducer
    2. Flexible High Precision Melt Pressure TransducerThe PT124G-123T melt pressure sensor is equipped with a thermocouple, so the measurement of pressure and temperature of the same point can be carried out.
    1. Flexible Auto-Zero Adjustable Melt Pressure Transmitter
    2. Flexible Auto-Zero Adjustable Melt Pressure TransmitterEquipped with an automatic zero adjustment device, the PT124B-123D/123DT series melt pressure transmitter can realize automatic calibration and amendment through the button on its top. This saves manpower, operating time, and cost of calibrating equipment.
    1. Standard Pressure Transmitter
    2. Standard Pressure TransmitterThis standard pressure transmitter is used for measuring and controlling liquid or gas pressure in various fields, such as mechanical engineering, automation control, health care, food and beverage processing, etc.
    1. Pressure Transmitter With Cooling Fins
    2. Pressure Transmitter With Cooling FinsThis pressure transmitter is suitable for measuring and controlling the pressure of medium- and high-temperature fluids in various industrial fields.
    1. Immersion Type Level Transmitter
    2. Immersion Type Level TransmitterWith the highly reliable amplifier circuit and precision temperature compensation technology, this submersible level transmitter converts the gauge or absolute pressure of the measured medium into a standard voltage or current signal.
    1. Smart Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter
    2. Smart Explosion Proof Pressure TransmitterUsers can transmit, read, display and input all work information and additional information of the HART pressure transmitter through a handheld terminal or fieldbus system.
    1. Standard Mechanical Rigid Stem Melt Pressure Gauge
    2. Standard Mechanical Rigid Stem Melt Pressure GaugeThe mechanical melt pressure gauge can be installed with the dial plate upward or downward and its head can be arbitrarily adjusted within 360 degrees for the best viewing angle.
    1. Standard Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
    2. Standard Diaphragm Pressure GaugeIn addition to the properties of common diaphragm pressure gages, our product also has good shock-proof and anti-corrosion performance.